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Mixed Super Jumbo Glads-25 bulbs

Mixed Super Jumbo Glads-25 bulbs

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Botanical Name. Gladiolus Description. Giant 16+ cm corms. This special mixture of Super Jumbo sized corms are the largest size commercially available. Bigger bulbs mean bigger blooms.

Category: Gladiolus

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Paul Scherer Triumph Tulip-10 bulbs
Gold Medal Grandiflora Rose-1 bare root plant
Green Wave Parrot Tulip-10 bulbs
Francoise Darwin Hybrid Tulip-10 bulbs
Lance Whorton Lance Leaved Caladium-3 tubers
Kiss Proof Large Cup Daffodil-10 bulbs
Max Frei Geranium-10 root divisions
Schubertii Allium-3 bulbs
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