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Cusickii Camassia-5 bulbs

Cusickii Camassia-5 bulbs

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Botanical Name. Camassia cusickii Description. Also known as wild hyacinth - this heirloom variety of Camassia is a garden favorite for its spikes of baby blue flowers that grace the early summer garden and provide a dazzling display. Vigorous and hardy - its a Northwest native that thrives in places where other bulbs cant - particularly in heavy clay soils and near streams and ponds - where they naturalize easily. Sturdy flower spikes grow 24-28- high - each with a multitude of star-shaped - ice-blue blossoms. With almost no attention - the bountiful blooms appear reliably year after year - showcased by long - slender leaves. Our premium bulbs arrive for fall planting with blooms the following season.

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