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Christmas 4 female-1 male Holly Collection

Christmas 4 female-1 male Holly Collection

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Delightful evergreen plants with lush - glossy deep green leaves - and brilliant red berries now with a sturdy hardiness insuring their thriving - even under rugged Northern conditions. Untrimmed - grows 6-10 feet at maturity. Looks best if trimmed to a compact 4-6 feet. Mix in peat moss and Ferrous Sulfate to increase the soil acidity. Plant in sun or partial shade. Planting instructions with order. As an evergreen hedge - plant 2-4 feet apart - as individual specimens plant 6-8 apart. Evergreen - deer resistant - good for cutting.NOTE. Female plants produce berries. However - you need a male plant for pollination. One male plant will pollinate up to five female plants.

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