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Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose

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Enjoy exquisite fresh flowers in your garden from October-April. What a rare thrill youll enjoy with these Miraculous Christmas Roses that bloom outdoors in your garden in the middle of winter and early spring. Blooms despite snow and cold. The Christmas Rose starts to flower as early as October and blooms as warm winter days til March. Brightens your yard and garden with dozens of glorious Christmas Roses - when other gardens are empty and bare.Laugh at freezing weather.These rare Christmas Roses produce an abundance of showy rose-like white flowers with bright-as-sunshine yellow centers. Their lush - deeply cut leaves are decorative and green the year round. Flower buds appear in autumn. If a cold snap catches them - the flowers will freeze solid - but when the temperature rises and the sunshines - they will bloom as if nothing had happened. Repeat this miraculous performance over and over again. Make beautiful indoor bouquets.Legend of the Christmas RoseWhen Jesus was born in Bethlehem - a little shepardess wept. she had no gift for the Christ Child. As her tears fell to the ground - flowers sprang up - which she brought to the infant. As she knelt beside the crib - the hands of baby Jesus touched the petals - changing them to delicate pink. Thus a flower that never bloomed before came into existence - the Christmas Rose.Planting Tip. Plant where they receive at least partials shade in summer - but sun in winter - such as an area that is shaded by a tree which loses its leaves in winter. Like humus - moist soil. Strong - number one plant.


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