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Copper Rose

Copper Rose

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Color Special.This beautiful - Copper Rose bears a famous name. Bought - by name - it would cost much more. As a friendship special we decided to offer this gorgeous rose by color only - so you can take advantage of real savings and enjoy this prize winning beauty in your yard.Enjoy the beauty of roses in your garden this summer. You will have beautiful - fragrant roses and LOTS OF THEM this summer and many summers to come. These plants are medium size - 2 year-old - field-grown plants. They are shipped to you trimmed for planting - with easy-to-follow planting instructions. You can grow roses in ordinary garden soil - in full sun or partial shade. Order these roses early. Plant them this spring and in 7-8 weeks you will be cutting lovely - dewy-fresh roses - the same fragrant beauties that would cost you so much more if you ordered them by their prize-winning names.This rose is also available in the Color Special Rose Collections.


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