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Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber

Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber

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Salad Bush vines grow no more than 18 inches long - yet produce firm - straight - 6 .50 inch long - dark green cukes. This is the most expensive seed weve ever carried - and we had to pay dearly to get our small supply. The price is sure to come down in future years - but this is the year to plant a few containers with this gem and startle your gardening friends. AAS Winner in 1985.Planting guide. Vines of this little cucumber spread only 18 to 20 inches. When planted in pots or hanging baskets - plant 3 seeds in each container. Plant seed .25 deep and water thoroughly. Cover container with plastic until seeds germinate. When planted for the garden - seeds may be started indoors in peat pots or Jiffy 7s and later transplanted in the garden after danger of frost is past.These items are useful when starting seeds indoors for transplanting.Jiffy-7 Peat PelletsPeat Pots - 2 .25 roundPeat Pots - 3 round3 square pots4 .50 round potsFor protecting your transplants against late - unexpected frosts choose between Hotkaps plant protectors and Wall O Water plant protectors.Everything you need to get your plants off to a great start.


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