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Shimadaijin Tree Peony

Shimadaijin Tree Peony

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Shimadaijin also known as Island Minister has large - purplish-red flowers.There are few plants that can compete with the dramatic grace of a tree peony in full bloom. Fully double goblet-shaped flowers measure up to 8 wide. Petals have the rich gleam of Oriental silk - and foliage is a lush deep green. They bloom with royal lavishness and are capable of producing more than 100 huge flowers per plant. Unlike ordinary peony varieties - these woody bushes do not die back to the ground in winter - instead growing larger and more beautiful each year. Tree peonies can live for generations and are amazingly hardy.The Chinese refer to the tree peony as the Moutan which means Emperor Flower. Long ago only the Chinese emperor himself was allowed to own this splendid tree - but now you too can possess these rare beauties. The selection of Japanese tree peonies we offer represents some of the most beautiful varieties of the unusual double flowering specimens. Blooms. May-June - Shipped. 1 year old plants. Deer resistant - great cut flowers.

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