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The Fairy Pink Cushion Rose

The Fairy Pink Cushion Rose

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More bloom and more color with less work than any other rose in the world. Rated excellent by the American Rose Society - this is the perfect rose for home gardeners - needs almost no care and is unsurpassed for vigor - spreading growth - perfect health - hardiness and super ability to produce an abundance of charming pink roses. Enjoy hundreds of double blooms from spring all through summer and fall. Each plant bushes out to about 4 wide. Flourish anywhere in U.S. Prefer full sun - but will even bloom in the shade along with north side of your home. Plant as a flowering ground cover in problem areas. Bloom the first year planted - starting in June. We send sturdy - field-grown plants 10-12 tall when they arrive. Plant 3 apart for a thick-blooming hedge - same for ground cover.


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