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Arcadia Juniper

Arcadia Juniper

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Versatile Evergreen GroundcoverArcadia Juniper is an evergreen groundcover with lovely - versatile foliage.- Plant a few of these for an effective groundcover - as a foundation planting or as a background plant in your perennial bed.- It would also be excellent for a topiary project.Your Arcadia Juniper displays a rich - green - lacy-textured foliage.- The dense nature of this evergreen presents a somewhat layered effect and semi-spreading growth habit.Arcadia Juniper is a dwarf and will reach a height of 1.5 feet with a spread of 3-5 feet.- It s a hardy shrub with particular resistance to juniper blight - which is a problem with some other juniper varieties.- Arcadia prefers a well-drained and sunny location but is tolerant of unfavorable soil conditions.- It has even been known to thrive in rocky soils - and is great for erosion control.- Deer tend to leave it alone - so you won t have to worry about protecting it from nibblers.- The Arcadia Juniper is a great choice for a hardy - evergreen groundcover with a lot of uses.- Unlike the average evergreen groundcover - Arcadia has the added advantage of foliage that is particularly attractive to pruning or natural growth.- Whatever your needs or conditions - it s likely that Arcadia Juniper will be able to provide you with an evergreen to please for years to come.* Lacy layered foliage* Compact - spreading form* Deer resistant

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