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Arkansas Black Apple Tree

Arkansas Black Apple Tree

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Outstanding Color and FlavorArkansas Black Apple Tree is a late-maturing apple tree.- One would be an outstanding addition to your yard in any sunny location where you can view it from one of your home s windowsandhellip. as you won t want to miss a moment of your tempting harvest s development.Your Arkansas Black Apple tree is not only a lovely and hardy tree - but it also produces a substantial harvest of succulent - sweet apples.- The decorative effect of the dark red apples against the vibrant green of the foliage is not to be missed.- Each round - medium-sized apple is such a deep red as to appear almost black - especially when stored.- The firm skin shines purple-red in the sunlight and tends to persist on the tree into the fall - making it a favorite of wildlife.As an eating apple - few can compare to the Arkansas Black.- Exquisite directly from the tree - or used in a variety of dishes - the crisp - white-yellow flesh is superb.- With a sweet-tart flavor in a firm yet juicy texture - your Arkansas Black Apple is a treat for the senses.- Especially prized for its aromatic nature - it also lends itself well to ciders and applesauce.- Arkansas Black has an excellent storage life - affording you many months of enjoyment.A semi-dwarf tree - your Arkansas Black will grow to about 20 feet in height.- It s quite hardy and vigorous - with particular resistance to Cedar Apple Rust.- It has very good heat and humidity tolerance and is even somewhat drought tolerant once established.- Arkansas Black is adaptable to a variety of soil types and has very good overall disease resistance.- Although self-fertile - the Arkansas Black does best with a pollinator in order to bear fruit.- Golden Delicious Apple - - Granny Smith Apple would be good choices as companion trees.- Whether planting just one or an entire orchard - you re sure to enjoy the Arkansas Black Apple.* High quality eating and cooking apple * Good storage * Decorative fruit *- Spicy Flavor with High AcidRecommended pollinators. Fuji - Granny Smith - Honeycrisp

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