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Ashley Marie Girard Azalea

Ashley Marie Girard Azalea

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Cold Hardy - Colorful EvergreenThe Azalea Ashley Marie Girard - Rhododendron girard X Ashley Marie - is an extremely hardy evergreen azalea - with large colored rose-red flowers that bloom on strong sturdy branches. This small - evergreen shrub produces wavy clusters of deep red rose flowers that nearly cover the plants in spring.- Their medium size growth habit is vigorous enough to make the Girards adaptable to the south as well as the colder climates.Prune azaleas immediately after flowering and shape them as desired. Pruning later can decrease the number of blooms for the coming spring.The Ashley Marie has variegated foliage and is excellent as a hedge or accent plant.- * Deep red flowers* Variegated foliage- * Great as a low hedge-

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