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Australian Tree Fern

Australian Tree Fern

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A tropical rain forest on your patio Comparing the amazing Australian Tree Fern - Cyathea cooperi Brentwood - with a regular house fern is like comparing a lion to a tabby cat. In its native habitat the Australian Tree Fern can grow up to a giant 50 feet tall and looks far more like a tree than a fern. It is certainly a showpiece specimen for your shade garden.The Australian Tree Fern is adaptable to many climates and if you live in USDA zones 9 and 10 - you just might see it reach its full potential. The rest of us can enjoy this primeval beauty best in a large pot. Perfect for a shaded garden or in a cool spot under eaves - you often see these planted around a shady pool or pond. Australian Tree Ferns don t handle freezing temps well - so when the nights start getting too cold - it s time to bring your fern indoors. They make fantastic houseplants as long as they have good humidity. Combine the Australian Tree Fern in your summer garden with hardy banana plants and cannas for an instant tropical garden getaway. This is one of the fastest growing tree ferns - so you ll have a showstopper pretty quickly. In a sunroom or an atrium - the Australian Tree Fern will give heft and size and will happily live in a well-watered container. If you re looking for a tropical plant with a great impact - buy one of these from Nature Hills Nursery today. * Great indoors or out * Shade lover * Loves high humidity

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