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Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea

Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea

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Most Cold Hardy of the Azaleas Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea - Azalea x Conlee - has brilliant flowers and a repeating bloom nature. Plant a few of these in your mixed border or use as a foundation planting. These would also look terrific in containers on your front porch or patio. Your Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea- explodes in spring with 2-inch - single blooms of brilliant - hot-pink intensity. The blossoms smother the branches in a veritable blanket of color. The vibrant shades of pink continue throughout the summer and into fall. Just when you think the colorful display is over - your Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea- will prove itself true to its name when its dark evergreen foliage transforms into purple hues for winter.Autumn Amethyst Encore Azalea- will grow up to 4 feet in height with an equal spread. The Azalea x Conlee PP10580 is an easy-care Azalea that is the most cold hardy of the Encore series. You can leave Autumn Amethyst to grow naturally - but a gentle pruning will enhance its bloom. It s mildew - heat and disease resistant - as well as adaptable to a variety of conditions. Azaleas are well known for their stunning welcome to spring. Autumn Amethyst accomplishes not only a brilliant spring display but carries it over into fall - and keeps right on going into the winter months. You ll love the beauty this remarkable Azalea brings to your yard this year.- * Pink flowers * Re-bloomer * Year-round interest * Mildew - disease and heat resistant * Cold hardy * Evergreen * Adaptive to a variety of conditions * Great for containers

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