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Autumn Princess Encore Azalea

Autumn Princess Encore Azalea

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Brilliant Flowers and Colorful Winter Foliage Autumn Princess Encore Azalea - Azalea x Roblea - - is known for its repeat bloom - sun tolerance and gorgeous pink flowers. You could use these as foundation plantings - or place a few in containers to dress up your outdoor living space or balcony. Your Autumn Princess- Encore Azalea- is an amazing Azalea variety with a lot to offer for its diminutive stature. You ll adore the semi-double blooms with their delightful - ruffled appearance that just begs you to reach out and touch their delicate beauty. Each individual 2-inch blossom would be enough to light up your landscape with its salmon-pink intensity. However - viewed en masse - as they blanket your shrub in color - the effect is stunning. Most Azalea varieties would complete their bloom with the arrival of summer - but not your Autumn Princess. Autumn Princess- Encore Azalea- will continue bringing you its floral beauty from spring into fall. As if the incredible flowers weren t enough - the evergreen foliage of your Autumn Princess will reward you with hues of deep burgundy to grace your winter landscape. Autumn Princess will grow up to 4 feet in height with a 3-foot spread. It has an upright - rounded nature and is both sun and drought tolerant. It s a relatively easy shrub to maintain - growing naturally beautiful without the need for pruning or special care. The Encore series of Azaleas truly are exceptional - and Autumn Princess is a lovely choice among them. Hardy - and small enough to fit in just about anywhere - Autumn Princess- Encore Azalea- will provide you with years of carefree beauty.- * Pink flowers * Re-bloomer * Great for containers * Sun tolerant * Drought tolerant

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