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Autumn Ruby Encore Azalea Tree

Autumn Ruby Encore Azalea Tree

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Months of Azalea Blooms Now Available as a Tree.Imagine a diminutive tree in your yard - ablaze in ruby-red brilliance spring through fall.- - Each exquisite blossom features- 1.25-inches of trumpet-shaped floral delicacy surrounded by vibrant - dark green foliage that maintains its color.- These qualities are striking in Autumn Ruby s shrub form - but viewed in this unique tree form - your Autumn Ruby Encore Azalea Tree is sure to draw the eye of every passer-by.- Your- Autumn Ruby Encore Azalea- will grow in its tree form up to 4-7 feet in height.- The shrub is one of the popular Encore series - so it possess all the superb qualities of that series with the added advantage of being the tree form.- - Autumn Ruby is adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions and is even tolerant of heat and shade. - It would look terrific in a container on your back patio or plant a few by a main entrance to your house for a warm welcome that can t be beat.Autumn Ruby Azalea s name is- a bit deceptive in implying its value is in its- fall- display. The reality is that your Autumn Ruby Azalea Tree will provide you with ruby red flowers from spring through fall.- It s a little gem that must be seen to be appreciated - so why not try one today.*- Re-blooming- evergreen*- Works well in containers*- Adaptive to a variety of conditions*- Will bloom in some shade-

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