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Autumn Starlite Encore Azalea

Autumn Starlite Encore Azalea

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Fast-Growing Azalea with Repeat Blooms Autumn Starlite Encore Azalea - Azalea x Roblem - - is a re-blooming - bi-colored Encore Azalea. This is a versatile - ornamental shrub that is well-suited as a container plant for your porch - foundation plant in your front yard or even grown as a low hedge along a walkway. YourAutumn Starlite Encore Azalea will astound you with its brilliant - bi-colored blooms that re-bloom right up into fall. The heaviest bloom is in spring - when your Autumn Starlite will be covered in a floral brilliance that is only a prelude to the abundance of blooms to come. The 3-inch - single white blossoms are a work of art. Each delicate bloom features delicate - pink stripes or dainty dots of pink across its velvety-smooth petals. It s a sight that will draw you in for a closer look - the lovely white flowers a glorious accent to the glossy - light green foliage. Autumn Starlite Encore Azalea- will grow up to 4 feet tall with a 4-foot spread. It has an upright - rounded habit and a rapid growth rate. Autumn Starlite is drought tolerant - sun tolerant and easy to care for. It even works well in large containers so it s not only beautiful - but versatile as well. In the world of Azaleas - the Encore series offers more of a good thing. Instead of just a spring bloom - Autumn Starlite Encore Azalea- gives you flowers in spring that continue into fall. 3-season flowers of exceptional beauty and ease of careandhellip. what more could you ask for in an Azalea today.- * Re-blooming flowers * Drought tolerant * Wildlife interest * Fast growing * Works well in containers * Full sun tolerant

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