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Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea

Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea

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Repeat Blooming Azalea with Fiery Blossoms Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea - - Azalea x Roblen - has repeating - fiery-red flowers that bloom from spring into fall. Its compact nature makes it ideal as a container planting on your back patio - or you could plant a few for a lively border. This remarkable Azalea variety is ablaze with color from spring through fall. The brilliant hues of orange and red are reminiscent of an autumn sunset - giving this one-of-a-kind Azalea its name. It s sure to create a head-turning display in your yard. It tends to bloom early - so you can be assured of a magnificent spring show to rival any other plant in your landscape. Just when you think the flaming red flowers are done - another round of fantastic blooms will appearandhellip. and continue right up into autumn. Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea will grow up to 3 feet high with an equal spread. It has an upright - rounded nature and is adaptable to a variety of conditions. Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea is a rather compact - and relatively low-maintenance Azalea. It s a great choice if you d like an Azalea that provides a lot - but asks little in return. Among the vast array of Azalea varieties to choose from - Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea has proved itself to be an exception choice. The blazing orange-red color of its spring-to-fall bloom is especially a stand-out when planted next to the moderated white of Autumn Angel or other plants that are less flashy in nature. You can t go wrong with an Autumn Sunset in your landscape. * Brilliant flowers * Repeat bloomer * Great for containers * Wildlife interest * Drought tolerant

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