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Bar Harbor Juniper

Bar Harbor Juniper

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Blue Grey Land WaveJuniper - Bar Harbor - Juniperus horizontalis Bar Harbor - is a creeping- juniper that features blue-gray foliage in summer- and then changes to purple in the winter.The Bar Harbors chameleon-like leaves have long - sharp points that come in pairs or threes when juvenile - and then become more scale-like or flat when they are adult.Bar Harbor has a moderate growth rate and gets about- 1 tall and grows to- 3-8 in width making it a nice choice to use for a groundcover.It grows in average - medium moisture - well-drained soils in full sun. Bar Harbor adapts to a wide range of soils - but prefers a dryish - sandy soil.It tolerates hot - relatively dry growing conditions - somewhat poor soils and many city air pollutants. It is intolerant of wet soils.* Blue Grey Foliage Turns to Purple- in- Winter* Spreads to 8* Loves Sun - Heat - and Dry Soil

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