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Beauty Plum Tree

Beauty Plum Tree

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Fast-Growing - Early Harvest Plum Beauty Plum - Prunus salicina Beauty - also know as the Beauty Japanese Plum is a fruit-bearing tree with ornamental features. Plant one in a sunny location in your yard where you can enjoy its spring flowers and early harvest of outstanding plums. Your Beauty Plum tree provides a delicious harvest of tasty treats earlier than many other plum varieties. The sumptuous plums ripen late-June to mid-July - following the abundant bloom of delicate - white flowers that blanket your Beauty Plum tree in spring. Each juicy - sweet globe of fruity perfection will dangle from your tree - declaring its readiness when its yellow skin becomes overlaid with a dramatic - scarlet blush. Everything about Beauty Plum tree is - beautiful- - including its red-highlighted - amber flesh that s sure to start you salivating in expectation of its sweetness long before the luscious juice touches your tongue. Beauty Plum is a deciduous tree that will grow up to 15 feet in height with an equal spread. It has a rounded nature - and fast-growing habit - so you won t have to wait long to see results. Beauty tends to be most productive in cool - rainy conditions. It s self-fruitful - but will do best with other pollinators nearby. Beauty has a low chill hour requirement and is outstanding for warmer climates. Beauty Plum is a smaller - Japanese plum tree so you won t have to provide a large amount of space in your yard in order to try one of these terrific trees. Plant just one Beauty Plum tree this year - and you re sure to want more for next year when you sample some of the best plums that nature - and - Nature Hills Nursery- has to offer. * Fast growing * Amazing spring flowers * Self-fruitful * Wildlife interest

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