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Becky Shasta Daisy

Becky Shasta Daisy

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The Daisy Shasta Leucanthemum Becky Daisy - leucanthemum superbum - is the longest blooming daisy in the Leucanthemum family.With bright - large - white beautiful flowers held above its dark green foliage - this plant has a height of 3 and a spread of 18-24- . - Being Perennial of the Year in 2003 - one can see why. Becky Daisy blooms from July to September - and if deadheaded - the blooming time will be extended.This daisy should be grown in full sun - but can tolerate some afternoon shade - in well-drained soil. - It will not tolerate excessive moisture or wet soil in the winter.Water Becky Daisy plants weekly when rainfall is less than an inch - and remove faded flower heads to encourage more blooms.Combine Becky Daisy with Veronica - Royal Candles- - Perovskia Russian Sage or Scabiosa - Butterfly Blue- . - It also is great for formal and informal gardens - as cut flowers - in mass plantings or in the perennial border.This low maintenance perennial is great for first time gardeners.- Becky Daisy will easily add beauty and sunshine to any sunny spot in your garden.* Easy to grow* Dark green foliage* Long Blooming

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