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Black Hills Spruce Tree

Black Hills Spruce Tree

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Carefree Natural Privacy ScreenBlack Hills Spruce - Picea glauca Densata - - is an ornamental evergreen conifer.- These would be ideal for use as windbreaks - privacy screens and accent plantings in your yard.Your Black Hills Spruce tree is noted for its vibrant - dark green foliage and attractive - conical form. The density of its foliage will be a welcome addition to your landscape in those places where a little natural privacy is needed.- Its dark green tone will augment lend some life to your dull - winter landscape.- Unlike some evergreens - your Black Hills Spruce tree won t prove difficult when it comes time to mow lawn near it or perform other routine lawn work.- The needles are short and soft to the touch rather than abrasive.A truly cold-adapted tree - the Black Hills Spruce is resistant to winter injury and performs well regardless of many harsh winter conditions.- It prefers rich - moist soil and full sun but will also thrive in dry - well-drained locations.- You won t have to fuss over it to enjoy a pleasing shape as it requires little or no pruning.- Deer will even leave it alone - so no need to bother with pest control or similar concerns.- Black Hills Spruce can reach a height of six feet within nine years and is very long-lived.- In fact - some Black Hills Spruce have lived 150 to 350 years.- Planting one today is not only a terrific choice for a high quality landscape planting - but also an investment in the future.* Evergreen - natural conical shape * Long-lived* Low maintenance-

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