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Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azalea

Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azalea

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Superior Azalea with Year-round InterestThe Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azalea - Rhododendron x RLH12P8 - is part of the poplar Bloom-A-Thon series of azaleas.Known for being evergreen - disease resistant - and re-blooming - the Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azalea is sure to bring a wow factor to your garden or landscape.Not only will you enjoy the striking pink double flowers that will appear in April - you will get to enjoy them again - starting in early July. Amazingly - this Bloom-A-Thon azalea continues blooming through fall until hard frost truly gives you a -bloom-a-thon.-This new line of shrubs is superior to other - weaker varieties of azaleas. The improvements will be obvious as they are very easy growing - disease resistant - maintain excellent color year-round - and are strong growing plants with lots of large blooms.Bloom-A-Thon Pink Double Azaleas have a glossy dense - bushy and vigorous growth habit. perfect for mass plantings - mixed borders - containers - foundation plantings or as specimen plants.It is best to prune to shape and fertilize after the first major spring bloom. These plants are twice as nice as other azaleas because you dont just have a week or two of beautifully colored flowers - but rather stunning blooms for up to five months.* Year-around interest* Evergreen* Easy to care for

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