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Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea

Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea

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An Azalea with Five Months of Blooms.Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea - Rhododendron RLH11P2 - is an evergreen variety with fantastic flowers. It s perfect for mass plantings - a mixed border or even a single - specimen plant in your yard. The Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea would even be lovely as a container planting for your patio or front porch.Your Bloom-A-Thon Red - Azalea is sure to create a - Wow- reaction once you witness its beauty. Unlike other Azalea varieties - you won t have to settle for just a week or two of beautiful blooms. Its brilliant - scarlet flowers appear in Aprilandhellip. and then begin again in early July.- The summer heat does not stop this Bloom-A-Thon. Amazingly - your Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea will even continue blooming through fall and until the first hard frost. - Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea will grow up to 4 to 5 feet in height with up to a 6-foot spread. It s a newer variety and is clearly superior to older - weaker cultivars. - It s disease resistant - maintains excellent color year-round - and is easy to grow.- Bloom-A-Thon is a vigorous grower with a dense - bushy habit. Its evergreen nature ensures that you ll have reliable color year-round - even once the flowers have faded. It can be left to grow naturally beautiful - but it doesn t mind some pruning if you d like a more defined shape.Azaleas are one of the most spectacular flowering plants for the home landscape - but their bloom is usually short-lived. Bloom-A-Thon Red goes one step further. Bring the beauty of Bloom-A-Thon Red Azalea to your home today - and enjoy five long months of its astonishing color every year.* Long-blooming flowers * Evergreen shrub * Hardy-

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