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Blue Arrow Juniper

Blue Arrow Juniper

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Great Privacy Screen or HedgeThe Blue Arrow Juniper - Juniperus scopulorum Blue Arrow - is an easy to grow - columnar shaped conifer. Its dense growth - unique deep colors and narrow shape make it a very versatile plant with many uses.This beautiful - silver-blue juniper is -evergreen - - giving your landscape color all year long. The branches stay compact - while the narrow habit of this juniper only spreads 2-4 feet wide.- This upright grower can reach heights of 16 to 20 feet tall.- Plant two beside entryways to create a stunning - formal look. - Plant several to soften a corner of your yard or as a unique background for beds and borders.You can also use them to create a tight tall - narrow hedge or privacy svcreen.* Deep - blue-green color* Formal look* Deer resistant-

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