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Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon Tree

Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon Tree

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Exquisite Tree of Flowers from Summer to FallBlue Chiffon Rose of Sharon Tree is an ornamental Hibiscus shrub trained into a tree form.- Plant a few in containers for your front porch or patio.- Place a few along a walkway or as a focal point for your perennial bed.- Anywhere you place these remarkable trees is sure to be a hit.It s hard to imagine a way to improve upon the ethereal loveliness of the Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon.- With its exquisite flowers and vibrant foliage - Blue Chiffon is an attention-grabber from mid-summer into fall.- However - imagine for a moment this picture of floral perfectionandhellip. but in tree form.- How amazing to have this incredible tree for your own yard - resplendent in its large double blooms of lavender - with a ruffled appearance that beacons you to reach out and touch its silky petals.- A dollop of scarlet tint at the center of each bloom adds to the already spectacular display.- Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon will grow to 12 feet tall with a 4 foot spread.- It has an upright nature and is adaptable to variety of conditions.- Blue Chiffon is a relatively fast grower - is drought and heat tolerant and can even tolerate seaside conditions.- Overall - it s a tree form Rose of Sharon that will bring you fantastic results while requiring little work for you.Nothing compares to the gorgeous tree of flowers your Blue Chiffon will produce for your home this year.- Plant one today.- You ll be glad you did.* Beautiful flowers* Fast grower* Deer resistant* Adaptable to a variety of soils* Drought and heat tolerant* Salt tolerant* Works well in containers

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