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Blue Diddley Chaste Tree

Blue Diddley Chaste Tree

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A Gorgeous Ball of Blue Flower Spikes.- Chaste Trees - Vitex - are highly sought after because they are one of only a handful of winter-hardy trees that bloom with true-blue flower spikes all summer long. Unfortunately not everyone has room for one of these beauties in their landscape. But now we are very proud to carry the Blue Diddley Chaste Tree - Blue Diddley - Vitex- agnus-castus- SMVACBD- USPP 26 - 614 - for you. It is a dwarf version that only grows to 3 feet tall and wide - but still has the same striking blue flowers that you ve come to love in the tree form.- It is hard to find a more beautiful plant with such outstanding qualities.- Wonderful whether in bloom or not - Blue Diddley is great as a specimen or in mass. It makes a truly eye-catching hedge along a driveway or property line.- The handsome and aromatic green foliage has a subtle silver sheen all spring. As summer heats up - Blue Diddley will astound you with its impressive blue spikes that bloom right up until autumn.- In zones 5-6 Blue Diddley will die to the ground in the winter - but it regrows quickly in the spring and flowers like a butterfly bush - buddleia -.- It s a fast-growing - easily-pruned shrub. You don t need any special skills or knowledge to grow this eye-catcher in your yard.- It s easy to grow - drought-tolerant and disease resistant.- - Deer steer clear - too. - You ll be amazed at the great return you get on your limited investment - both of time and money. - with Blue Diddley. Order yours before we sell out.- * Handsome foliage * True-Blue Summer Flowers * Hardy and Easy

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