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Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

Blue Mouse Ears Hosta

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Adorable - Silver-Blue MiniatureHostas are always welcomed additions to the home - but few exhibit the charm and coloring of Blue Mouse Ears.- This dwarf variety features thick - leathery leaves with the slightest - adorable curl.- The 2-inch leaves call to mind cute - little mouse ears - thus the name -.- Blue mouse Ears foliage is an endearing shade of blue-green that attracts the eye throughout the season and this petite hosta even provides the added benefit of mid-summer flowers. Dainty bells of lavender decorate the stems that rise up to one foot above the foliage in July - a visual treat as well as a welcome boon for butterflies and bees.- Your Blue Mouse Ears Hosta is a herbaceous perennial that will grow to the diminutive height of 6 to12 inches high with a one foot spread.- It s adaptive to a variety of soils and does best in full to part shade.- Don t mistake its small size for vulnerability though as this little gem has a hardy - easy-care nature.- Plant one in your rock garden or scatter a few amid the nooks and crannies in your landscape that could still use a decorative touch.It s easy to see why Blue Mouse Ears Hosta once won - Hosta of the Year- . It simply doesn t get more adorable than a hosta that reminds people of mouse ears.- Terrific color - a size that fits in almost anywhere and an adaptive nature makes this a must-have.* Decorative foliage* Dwarf* High slug resistance

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