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Blue Point Juniper

Blue Point Juniper

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Hardy Pyramidal Evergreen with Exceptional ColorWhen you think of a classic evergreen shrub that stands watch by a doorway - or gives weight to the corners of a border - you are thinking of the Blue Point Juniper. Formal - but not rigid - Blue Point takes what is best of a background evergreen and showcases it.The color stays an exceptional blue-green year-round providing a perfect stage for more colorful annuals and perennials. The shape is naturally a soft pyramid - but Blue Point takes a good shearing like a pro and can be shaped any way you would like. Many of Nature Hills customers train Blue Point into a spiral or a formal cone.Like most junipers - Blue Point is a trooper when it comes to weather extremes. It stays green during the coldest winter and doesn t look wilted in summer heat. It even does well in the more shaded areas of your landscape.Maturing to a pyramidal 12-14 feet high with a spread of 10 feet - it is thick and sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions better than most upright junipers - too.It s deer resistant - so no need to worry about the devastation that foraging can sometimes cause other garden plants.If you need to freshen up your foundation plantings - flank a garage or fashion a privacy hedge - join with our many satisfied customers and order your Blue Point Junipers today.* Large Pyramidal Form * Blue-green color * Dense Foliage- * Reliably Hardy* Easily shaped-

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