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Blue Rug Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper

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Thick - Silvery Blue GroundcoverSome spots in your garden don t need a tall - showy plant. They need something that is going to cover a wide area - really densely. The solution to that is the Juniper Blue Rug - Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii. It is a ground cover that only grows 6- high but will spread 6 to 10 feet wide with ground hugging thick foliage.You won t be surprised to learn that the Blue Rug got its name from its silver-blue color and low growing habit. You might be surprised to know - though - that it is the lowest growing juniper available and loves hot sun and dry - rocky soils. Its silver sea-green color makes it look like it needs to be pampered - but Blue Rug does just fine with your neglect once it is established.Use Blue Rug in your rock garden - cascading over your retaining wall or covering the feet of taller conifers. Put it in a planter and let it spill over the edges or let it spread around your patio pavers. A true evergreen - it keeps its needles and silvery color all year - which is a nice contrast to the deeper greens of other evergreens in the winter.This slow-growing groundcover doesn t need pruning - unless it is getting out of bounds. Sometimes it will set dark berries in the fall - which the birds are more than happy to remove for you.The Blue Rug Juniper is a hard-working plant - thriving in tough places in your garden. Order a few from Nature Hills this year. They grow slowly - so the longer you wait - the longer until that bald spot in your garden is covered.* Silvery Blue Foliage* Creeping Growth to 8* Full Sun* Lowest Growing Juniper-

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