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Bollywood Azalea

Bollywood Azalea

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Rare Azalea with Variegated FoliageRhododendron Bollywood Azalea - Azalea Farrow - offers an exciting show of elegant color and becomes a show stopper in any landscape. - Use this plant in mixed borders - as an accent plant - or in containers.Bright - deep pink flowers appear in the spring and the foliage is glossy - silver and dark green variegated.The Bollywood Azalea is a hardy - compact - semi-evergreen that provides season-long color and attracts many butterflies.Good drainage is essential for this plant. water regularly - especially when newly planted. This azalea needs little pruning - but may be trimmed after flowering.It is best to apply a controlled release fertilizer in early spring. In the southern areas choose a location with some shade - and in northern climates Bollywood may need some winter protection.This azalea packs a huge punch of color and style that will brighten your garden.* Excellent in tight spaces* Easy to care for* All season interest

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