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Bonita Peach Tree

Bonita Peach Tree

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Spectacular Flowers and Sumptuous Fruit Bonita Peach is a fruit-producing tree with adorable flowers and delicious fruit. Plant one by your patio - several in a side yard or use Bonita to line your driveway for a one-of-a-kind welcome to guests. Your Bonita Peach tree begins the spring season with petite - pink blossoms that herald the coming harvest with their cheerful display and delicate fragrance. As the summer progresses - the flowers give way to dangling orbs that develop into medium-large peaches with lively - yellow color highlighted by a rosy blush. Your delectable fruit is ready for harvest from late July to early August - when the enticing peaches have reached the height of their juicy goodness. Imagine picking one fresh from the tree and biting into the flesh - still warm from the sun s rays. Bonita is known for having a rich - robust flavor - its taste on your tongue both sweet and subacid when you bite into the firm flesh. Bonita Peach trees will grow up to 15 feet in height with a 15-30 foot spread. It s heat and humidity tolerant and generally easy to care for. Bonita is self-fruitful so you can try just one at firstandhellip. but it certainly won t be long until you ll wish you had several. Bonita Peach is a great choice for a peach tree that will provide you with pretty pink flowers in spring and gorgeous - sweet fruit in late July-early August. It s an attractive and fun way to grow your own healthy fruit right in your own yard.* Spring flowers * Heat and humidity tolerant * Self-fruitful * Does well in coastal climates

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