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Buffalo Juniper

Buffalo Juniper

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Bright Green All YearBuffalo Juniper - Juniperus sabina Buffalo - has soft - feathery - bright green foliage on low spreading branches that produces an interesting form - and it is an excellent groundcover plant for borders or mass plantings.Buffalo Junipers feathery branches are of bright green foliage and it is retained in winter. You may prune to shape desired.This Juniper prefers sun and a well-drained soil - but tolerates a range of soil types. drought and heat tolerant. It has a height of 12-15 inches and a spread of 5 feet.Junipers are important evergreens for landscape use due to their tolerance of unfavorable soil conditions - their hardiness and great variation in size - habit - color - and growth rate.Junipers are used as ground covers - in foundation plantings - or as hedges - screens or windbreaks. These plants may also be utilized for background plantings in shrub beds or flower gardens - as specimen plants - in rock gardens or for topiary or espalier purposes.*Bright Green Foliage All Year*Spreading to 5*Full Sun and Well Drained Soil

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