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Canada Red Select Cherry Tree

Canada Red Select Cherry Tree

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A Favorite of Wildlife and Year-Round InterestCanada Red Select Cherry is a lovely tree with decorative interest and versatile fruit. - Plant one for a splash of color in a barren area of your yard or anywhere its colorful foliage - flowers and fruit can be enjoyed year-round.Your Canada Red Select Cherry is a remarkably beautiful tree with something to offer for every season of the year.- In spring - its 6-inch long racemes of delicate - white flowers will dangle on the breeze - a lovely welcome to the new season.- The fragrant flowers are a stand-out amid the vibrant foliage.- Each oblong leaf features a delightfully - fine-toothed edge that begins life with a lively green but takes on a deep purple hue by summer.- As autumn arrives - the foliage assumes additional tints of red-orange - a beautiful contrast against the smooth bark with its grey-brown coloring and shallow-fissured texture. As if these decorative features weren t enough - Canada Red Select Cherry Tree will provide you with clusters of 1-3-inch - red - cherries- from July to October - and appear purple-black by fall. - The thick skin conceals dark - thin flesh that is sour when eaten fresh - but delicious when made into such culinary delights as jelly and wine.- Your Canada Red Select Cherry Tree is also prized by wildlife.- Birds will eat the flesh - chipmunks will carry away the pits and many others are sure to visit for a tasty treat.Canada Red Select Cherry Tree will grow 25 feet tall with a 20 foot spread.- It has a straight trunk and uniform top.- Canada Red is adaptable to a variety of conditions and will even tolerate poor soils.- It has an overall hardy nature that is a breeze to care for.The value of your Canada Red Select Cherry Tree cannot be denied.- It not only offers decorative interest for every season - but even provides valuable fruit for wildlife and a culinary treat for your table every year.- Try one today.* Colorful foliage* Fragrant spring flowers* Wildlife interest* Adaptable to a variety of conditions* Year round interest

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