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Candy Pecan Tree

Candy Pecan Tree

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Perfect Nuts for the Home Orchard.If you are lucky enough to live in a climate that is favorable to pecan trees - you will for sure want to add a Candy Pecan Tree - Carya illinoinensis Candy - to your landscape this year. Perhaps you ve been concerned that a pecan tree would be too much work - take too much time or not add any value to your home. Candy will change your thinking.The Candy Pecan tree is an easy tree to plant and care for. It doesn t require pruning and is very resistant to common pecan tree diseases. It is beautiful in the summer providing great shade as it matures. The small leaves give it a well-tended appearance the whole season. It ripens early in the fall sometimes as early as October. One of the special things about Candy - though - is that it doesn t take years of maturity for it to produce nuts for you. These trees have been known to start producing as soon as they reach 8 feet tall.Candy is a reliable producer of loads of papershell nuts that are easy to crack and give you perfect halves. They are favorites because they produce such great high-quality nuts year after year.The nuts are smaller than most pecans - but pack a huge pecan flavor. They are great to eat fresh - but spectacular when you use them in cooking or candies. They make a fruit cake worth making.* Great shade tree* Loads of pecans* Produces nuts early and reliably

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