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Citrus Swizzle Forsythia

Citrus Swizzle Forsythia

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Exceptional Variegated FoliageCitrus Swizzle Forsythia is a dwarf shrub with lively foliage.- These would be an eye-catching display as a mass planting - or plant one here-and-there for some tiny splashes of color throughout your yard.- These would also be terrific for edging along your flower garden or shrub border.Unlike a lot of plants that are grown primarily for their flowers - your Citrus Swizzle is prized for its showy foliage.- Tiny - yellow flowers bloom in spring - but will likely go unnoticed as you enjoy the developing color of the leaves.- Emerging as an engaging chartreuse in spring - the serrated - elliptic leaves begin with a lime green center that slowly transitions to a creamy white - and finally to white.- As autumn arrives - Citrus Swizzle s colorful foliage slowly transforms to burgundy hues.Citrus Swizzle Forsythia will grow up to 2 feet in height with an equal spread.- It has a multi-stemmed - mounded form. This shrub doesn t really have any negative characteristics and even deer tend to pass it by.- It fills out right to the ground and has a naturally pleasing shape so you don t have to fuss with it unless you want to.- Citrus Swizzle prefers full sun - but is adaptable and will even do well in urban conditions.- Under ideal conditions - it can live up to 40 years.- With Citrus Swizzle Forsythia you don t have to wait for a display of flowers to draw your eye.- Plant one today and you can be assured of showy foliage to enhance your landscape spring through fall.* Decorative - color-changing foliage * Spring flowers * Dwarf size * Hardy

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