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Clematis Avant Garde

Clematis Avant Garde

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Large Magenta and Pink BloomsThe Clematis Avant Garde - Clematis Evipo033 - is a large-flowering - hybrid- Clematis.- The outside is a deep magenta while the dahlia-like bloom on top is light pink.If you look at Clematis Avant Garde flowers closely - you will see that the magenta outer petals curl back a bit at the tips - and the- pink inner petals gleam with a satiny sheen.Each flower is two inches across and provides an amazing display with its unusual coloration and shape. Clematis Avant Garde is great for trellis - porch - arbor - lamp post or any focal point.Plant the Clematis Avant Garde in a sunny - well-drained location and keep roots mulched or shaded. Prune it to 10-12- - tall in early spring - and it will take off and begin climbing to 10 feet.Being a vigorous free flowering plant - Clematis Avant Garde flowers from midsummer until autumn.- This Clematis has very striking colors and offers an exciting new look for your garden.* Magenta and Pink Large Dahlia Like Blooms* Blooms Mid Summer Through Fall* Vigorously Climbing Vine* Attracts Hummingbirds-

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