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Clematis Bijou

Clematis Bijou

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Gorgeous - Violet-Blue - Dwarf ClematisClematis Bijou - Clematis Evipo030 - is a new dwarf Clematis with violet pointed petals that bloom May to July.Clematis Bijous flowers have ruffled petal edges that come to a neat point for a starry effect. packs a big punch for such a short plant.It keeps its compact shape well and makes a great container plant for indoors or outdoors.Clematis Bijou is a dependable clematis that thrives equally well in full sun outdoors and bright indirect light indoors.Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems. Plant the Bijou Clematis in the ground for a nice mounding colorful effect - or use it for a stunning hanging basket.A lovely color and a respectable size - Bijou Clematis is a versatile - amazing plant.* Starry Blue Blossoms May Through July* Compact Mounding Plant* Grow Indoors or Outdoors-

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