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Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski

Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski

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8- Crimson Flowers Everywhere.Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski will dazzle your garden with huge 8- glowing crimson flowers.The vibrant flowers are accented with darker crimson anthers and light pink filaments. Very free flowering - the clematis Cardinal Wyszynski received the Golden Medal at Plantarium in 1990. - Named after Cardinal Wyszynski who never became pope. Cardinals are known for their bright red garb. -Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski needs a supporting structure to grow properly but will also grow over large shrubs - over walls - cover stumps - and make perfect cover ups for unsightly service areas.Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski is easy to grow in a rich - porous - alkaline soil with plenty of room for the roots to spread.- Best performance is when the tops are in full sunlight and the roots are shaded - so apply generous mulch or a shallow-rooted ground cover near the base of the vine.Groom this plant after first flowering by cutting back the top one-third to one-half of some stems.- Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski is a very reliable performer once established. it takes a season or two to get going.* Huge 8- Crimson Flowers* Blooms All Summer* Vigorous Climber

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