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Clematis Filigree

Clematis Filigree

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Sun Loving Dwarf ClematisClematis Filigree - Clematis Evipo029 - is a charming dwarf clematis that produces an abundance of flowers - reaching 12- tall - and blooms from May to July.Filigree Clematis produces single to semi double - medium sized flowers that have silvery-blue petals and softly ruffled edges.- It keeps its compact shape well and makes a great container plant. is bred for indoors or out outdoors.Clematis Filigree is a dependable clematis that thrives equally well in full sun outdoors and bright indirect light indoors.- Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems.Since Clematis Filigree is small - plant it in the ground for a nice mounding colorful effect - or use it for a stunning hanging basket.- A lovely color and a respectable size - Filigree Clematis is a versatile - amazing plant that offers a nice show all year round.* Silver Blue and Ruffly Petals* Semi Double Blooms* Dwarf Plant

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