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Clematis Henryi

Clematis Henryi

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Spectular White Blloms Against Dark Green FoliageThe Clematis Henryi has white flowers with chocolate brown anthers that bloom in June and September. It grows to- a height of 10-12 and a spread of 3 .The- white flowers are approximately 6-8- wide. - Clematis Henryi was a winner of the Royal Horticultural Societys Award of Garden Merit and one can see why.- The foliage is dark green and makes a great contrast with the flower color.- Clematis prefers full sun but will tolerate shade in the morning in a well-drained area.It is best to avoid heavy pruning on this perennial until it is fully established.- Clematis Henryi needs a supporting structure to grow properly but will also grow over large shrubs.The tops of Clematis Henryi prefer full sun while their roots prefer a cool - shady area. - It is best to heavily mulch the root zone to provide this cool - shady area.Plant this excellent vine for long-lasting - often spectacular - summer bloom.* Large 8- White Flowers* Rebloomer* Dark Green Leaves

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