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Clematis Hyde Hall

Clematis Hyde Hall

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Compact Clematis is a Profuse BloomerClematis Hyde Hall - Clematis Evipo 009 - is a compact clematis with lovely star-shaped white flowers that are sometimes tinged with green or pink. - This variety is disease resistant and puts on an abundant - early show.Clematis Hyde Hall makes a stunning hanging basket plant with blooms that are 5-7- in diameter. - Blooming on the previous seasons stems from May to June - this clematis makes a truly stunning visual presentation with its blooms and light green foliage.Hyde Hall Clematis is a multi-stemmed vine that has a twining and trailing habit of growth. - It tends to be leggy near the base and should be under-planted with low-growing facer plants.- This low maintenance vine needs to be pruned back every second or third year - about 6-8- from the ground.Add this flowering wonder to your yard in order to attract hummingbirds.- If you plant this Hyde Hall Clematis - you will be delighted - with its beautiful colors - extravagance of blooms - and graceful habit.* Huge 7- White Star Shaped Flowers* Abundant Blooms in Spring* Can Grow in Container or Planted

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