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Clematis Josephine

Clematis Josephine

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Just Mauv-el-ous.The Clematis Josephine - Clematis Evijohil - is a former winner of the Chelsea Flower Show Award.This double Clematis is a wonderful blend of cream to creamy green to pinkish mauve with striping. - The Clematis Josephine has huge unique flowers have an elaborate structure and look like pompons. inner petals are lilac with a pink bar in the center.Josephine Clematis blooms from Spring to Summer. These large flowering - hybrid Clematis are -Queens of the Garden-.The hardy vines grow 6-8 feet tall for trellis - porch - arbor - lamp post - or any focal point.Clematis Josephine is easy to grow in a rich - porous - alkaline soil with plenty of room for the roots to spread.Plant Clematis Josephine in a sunny - well-drained location - and for best performance - the tops should be in full sunlight and the roots are shaded. Apply generous mulch or a shallow-rooted ground cover near the base of the vine.Each flower is a striking display - with its unusual coloration and shape - so the Clematis Josephine will give you breathtakingly beautiful blooms all summer long.*Huge Pompon Like Flowers*Cream to Mauve Flowers*Attract Hummingbirds-

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