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Clematis Moonfleet

Clematis Moonfleet

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Huge Blue- FlowersClematis Moonfleet - Clematis Evipo 046 - produces absolutely stunning - large - flat open flowers that have a diameter of 7-.The lilac-blue flower matures to a pale blue that creates a soft range of color. - Purple-red anthers open on each flower to create a domed-flower center.Clematis Moonfleet grows to an impressive 8 tall - so it is ideal for growing on a trellis or pergola. blooms from June through August.It should be pruned in February or March as new leaf buds begin to show low on the plant. all dead and weak branches need to be removed.Clematis Moonfleet is prized for its incredible flowers. only needs to have its roots shaded and its flowers in the sun.For a gorgeous accent - plant alone or mix several colors in a grouping. - Plant Clematis Moonfleet with cream - pale yellow or soft pink flowers - or it can be combined with climbing roses.*Huge 7- Flat Blue- Flowers*Colors Fade as Bloom Ages*Vigorous Grower

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