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Clematis Niobe

Clematis Niobe

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Stunning Red Blooms in Summer- The Clematis Niobe has dark red petals with gold anthers that blooms in June to July and range in height of 6-8 and has a spread of 1-2 .- The red flowers are approximately 6-8 wide. Clematis Niobe received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society and one can see why.The prominent dark red flowers of on Clematis Niobe are outstanding and bloom heavily from late spring to late summer.- The foliage is dark green and makes a great contrast with the flower color.Clematis prefers full sun but will tolerate shade in the morning in a well-drained area. With the Clematis Niobe it is best to avoid heavy pruning on this perennial until it is fully established. - Clematis Niobe needs a supporting structure to grow properly but will also grow over large shrubs. The tops of Clematis prefer full sun while their roots prefer a cool - shady area.With its velvety petals and vigorous growing habit - this is a - must have- clematis.* Large 8- Dark Red Flowers* Profusion of Blooms Late Spring through Summer* Grows Vigorously in Full Sun

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