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Clematis Ruutel

Clematis Ruutel

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Compact - Vigorous Growing andamp. Heavy BloomerClematis Ruutel - Clematis Kiviruut - is one of the very best red clematis. The dark red color is stunning and complimented by nearly black anthers.Clematis Ruutel is a vigorous grower and an exceptionally heavy bloomer.- These star shaped flowers begin putting on a performance in early spring that lasts straight until early fall - nonstop.The compact habit also makes this cultivar an excellent choice for patio containers.- Clematis Ruutel needs a supporting structure to grow properly and it is easy to grow.Clematis Ruutel performs best when the tops are in full sunlight and the roots are shaded. Keep the roots moist and shaded with mulch or a shallow rooted ground cover.* Dark Red Flowers with Black Anthers* Blooms Heavily All Season* Compact and Vigorous* Attracts Hummingbirds- -

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