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Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree

Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree

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A Small - Very Sweet - Easy to Peel Mandarin The Clementine Mandarin Orange is the smallest of the Mandarins. A cross between a sweet orange and a Chinese Mandarin they are small - usually seedless and very sweet. This small Mandarin is an excellent eating orange.- The peel is smooth - - bright orange - and- easy to peel.- The deep orange- fruit can be easily separated into numerous segments and are almost always seedless - with less acid than oranges.They are sometimes hard to find fresh because canners buy them up quickly. However the flavor of the fresh fruit is much better than the canned. Now you won t have to worry about the availability when you can pick them from your own tree. The Clementine is an early season Mandarin whose fruit will stay on the tree for months.- The tree is a beautiful evergreen and the fruit makes it very ornamental. In warmer zones they can be planted in the yard and would make the loveliest of privacy screens - or plant one as a focal point in your garden.In colder climates they do well in containers as a patio plant. Keep it on your patio - deck or sunroom and enjoy this happy little tree in the warmer months then bring it inside before the first frost. Imagine being the only person in your neighborhood to grow your own oranges. * Seedless* Less Acid Than Oranges* Easy to Peel* Grow Indoors andamp. Out-

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