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Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

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Put This Christmas Tree On Your Wish ListYou couldn t ask Santa for a better evergreen. The Colorado Blue Spruce - Picea pungens Glauca - - grows into the classic Christmas tree shape no pruning required. They grow impressively tall - 30 60 feet - but they have a small footprint - only growing 10 20 feet wide.What really makes the Clorado Blue Spruce tree stand out of the crowd of other evergreens is the beautifully different color. It s greenish. It s blueish. It s silvery. It shines next to dark greens and makes the autumn reds - yellows and oranges around it pop. It is just as striking in the winter as it is in the summer maybe more so - since it sparkles covered in snow or next to brown - bare branches.The Colorado Blue Spruce makes an excellent specimen tree - truly standing out in your landscape. It also makes a formidable privacy screen or wind break if several are planted in a row.Your Colorado Blue Spruce is an impressive tree. It is cold hardy and low maintenance - requiring little more than planting it and watching it grow. It is drought tolerant and unattractive to deer.- Birds and bunnies love the shelter it provides - but you don t have to worry about them nibbling on it.As an added benefit - this tree grows perfectly shaped pinecones that make great craft projects and are attractive to wildlife.If you d like an impressive evergreen tree with a vibrant color that requires little care - the Colorado Blue Spruce is the tree for you. Order yours early as these spectacular landscape trees are in high demand.* No Pruning Required.* Foliage Color * Cold Hardy * Wildlife Interest

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