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Compact Andorra Juniper

Compact Andorra Juniper

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Low-growing - Juniper Groundcover Compact Andorra Juniper - Juniperus Andorra Compacta - is an evergreen Juniper often used as a groundcover. Use a few of these to blanket a barren slope - fill in around trees or place one as a low-growing accent in your perennial bed. Your Compact Andorra Juniper is - just as the name implies - a - compact- version of the popular Andorra Juniper. It is a lovely - low-growing Juniper with a lot to offer. Its fine-textured - evergreen foliage has a delicate - blue-tinted green hue - lending a decorative touch to your landscape. The foliage transitions throughout the seasons from the bright green of new spring growth to a deeper blue-green summer foliage - and a bronze tint for autumn. As autumn progresses - Addorra s foliage takes on a slight purple hue that persists into the winter months. Your Compact Andorra Juniper will grow 18 to 24-inches in height with a 5 foot spread. It has a low-growing - branching form with a spreading habit and is adaptive to a variety of conditions. Urban conditions don t bother it - and even deer tend to pass it by. It s always easy to find a place for Compact Andorra Juniper. This compact - evergreen groundcover will not only fill in those annoying bare spots in your yard - but do so in a colorful and hardy manner. Andorra is even long-lived. Under optimal conditions you can expect to enjoy your Compact Andorra Juniper for up to 30 yearsandhellip. so it s even a great gardening investment. * Evergreen * Adaptable to a variety of conditions * Fall color * Urban tolerant * Deer resistant * Long lived * Salt tolerant

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