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Double Flowering Plum Tree

Double Flowering Plum Tree

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Beautiful Double Blooms Blanket Each BranchDouble Flowering Plum is the tree form of an ornamental shrub.- It would make a spectacular specimen tree for your front yard where it can be enjoyed by your family and neighbors alike.- Few spring-blooming trees get the reaction that this one does.- You can count on your Double Flowering Plum to put on quite a show with its gorgeous double - candy-pink flowers that seem to blanket each branch with fat pom-poms of color.- From a distance - a stand of these trees in your yard will look like a pink cotton cloud. - Even without the spectacular flowers your Double Flowering Plum is a beautiful tree. Its foliage is more of a grass-green than dark green - and transforms to an attractive yellow-bronze color in the fall.It can take a lot of abuse in terms of soil condition - so you won t have to worry about spending your time and money to keep this beauty thriving.- The Double Flowering Plum tends toward a round shape and is a robust grower.- *Gorgeous Flowers*Fall Color-

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