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Drake Chinese Elm Tree

Drake Chinese Elm Tree

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Perfect Shade Tree for Everyone.- In our business - there are some plants and trees you look at and just wonder why they aren t used more often. Drake Elm Tree - Ulmus parvifolia Drake - is one of those trees. This is an excellent - but surprisingly underused tree.Fast-growing - beautifully shaped and nearly evergreen - this tree can be used in a multitude of situations. Drake Chinese Elm grows into a graceful - rounded shape with long - arching - almost weeping branches that are covered in 3-inch long shiny - dark green - leathery leaves. In the northern parts of its zone the leaves turn gorgeous shades of yellow - red or purple. In the warmer zones it is evergreen. The bark is very showy - mottled in greys - greens - oranges and browns making it very interesting in the winter.The Drake Elm growth rate is moderate - reaching its full 45 feet height in several years. Drake is an ideal landscape tree - unfazed by pollution. It excels as a shade - street - parking lot or specimen tree. For a stunning statement in a big space - plant several to make a grove.However you choose to use it - you need to have this tree in your landscape. Order yours today.* Awesome tree* Beautiful shape* Easy care* Great street tree

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